Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Black and White Christmas

Three years ago, we adopted two  VERY ACTIVE and very curious kittens.  

This is Cooper
and this is Astro
So I was very nervous putting up my regular ornaments, which range in price from inexpensive to...I can’t believe I paid that much TO ONLY BE SEEN FIVE WEEKS OUT OF THE YEAR  but it was pretty....pretty expensive!  

So what was I going to do?  Alas, while rummaging the foyer closet ~insert golden light from above and a choir of angels singing a single note of inspiration~ I found a box of silver 2x3 picture frames AND THOUGHT THEY WOULD MAKE EXCELLENT CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENTS!  Thank goodness that I had an event earlier in the year that I used the frames as place card holders and food descriptions at the buffet table.

picture frames from a Tiffany themed sweet 16 I organized earlier that year
As the saying goes, necessity is definitely the mother of invention and with glue gun in hand, I got to work affixing ribbon to the back of each frame.

I was so happy with the results that I decided to switch off and do it again.  This time to match a tree skirt I sewed out of burlap and white cotton with a black stencil of a partridge in a pear tree (wreath in this case), which I cut out myself using freezer paper - I learned this trick from reading blogs.

my burlap and white cotton tree skirt
I pleated my own knife pleat trim 
and added loops and buttons to close

My skirt was inspired by this stocking I made which I got the idea from HERE!
Print out black and white images of your favorite photos:  family, friends, WINTER SCENES OR holiday images, like Santa, pictures of you and your family on vacation, day trip to the city and the like.  Hot glue a ribbon on the back and hang on your tree.  If you’re not sure about black and white images, you can use an antique faded look with a hint of color or just use color prints. The choice is yours and with so many photo affect programs out there, you can get really creative.

supplies:  glue gun and glue sticks, photos, frames and ribbon
I intertwined burlap and b/w gingham ribbons as garland aroundI the tree
and will be adding red berries or flowers for a nice pop of color.
(I didn't realize Astro was trying to lay under the skirt in the back of the tree when I took this picture!)

I am going to add pops of red here and there but mostly keep to black, white, silver and burlap.  Maybe sunflowers, hmmm?!?!  I better hurry up, Christmas is in 15 days!

even my presents match!
I am continuing the theme with the presents under the tree which has a black and white photo of the recipient rather than a "to and from" gift tag.  

From my home to yours, Merry Christmas to you and your family!