Sunday, November 21, 2010

Don't just sit there like a sack of potatoes....

Get up and decorate!!!!! With BURLAP. Yes, burlap as in potato sacks.

Lately, burlap is showing up in places you wouldn't expect. This durable FABRIC can be used for many different applications and can add charm and personality to a causal home.

Not sure if burlap is for you? Start small, wrap a clear glass cylinder vase with a strip of burlap, like the picture above. The rough texture of burlap juxtapose to the modern smooth shape of the vase is an eye catching affect.


I love these place mats! These were handmade - to get instructions visit pickles and cheese blog page!

Or how about a throw pillow or two or three....

a table runner is a good place to start with decorating with burlap.

Lampshades are a great place for this versatile fabric.

Bet you never thought of using it as part of your bed linens.

The casual dining room above is beautifully decorated and the burlap roman blinds look great.

Hmmm, now that I'm done with this post, I think I'll grab a baked potato with butter, sour cream and chives.

I want to wish EVERYONE A Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Home offices!

More and more people are creating home offices whether or not they work from the home. Why?The home office is a “private space” for one to collect thoughts, be organized, pay bills, surf the net and maybe use for a hobby”.

THE ESSENTIALS: What basics you will need to make it a home office.

  • Desk and chair (writing/bill paying area with pens, pencils, paper, and containers to organize them)
  • Storage drawers for everything from office supplies to integrated file cabinets (these can be a part of the desk or separate depending on space)
  • Shelving or cabinetry above the counter top surface
  • Computer or Laptop
  • Printer, Scanner, and Fax machine
  • Bulletin board or magnetic board or dry erase board
  • Specialty Equipment for a specific profession or hobby
  • Proper Lighting! You can’t work well if you can’t see!!!!!!!!

I included this picture because, no matter how small your space is for a home office, you can still have a succesful and productive space with the bare necessities. credit

MAINTENANCE: What you need to do to keep your office productive and efficient.

  • · Keep your office clean and clutter free – I truly believe a cluttered room equals a cluttered mind. Keep your mind free of debris in order to be productive and creative.
  • · Prioritize the items in your space – keep only what you need in the room and take out any item that don’t belong in this space (hair dryer, dog brush, kids sports equipment…). Keep what you need on a daily basis within reach. Desktop – computer, stapler, tape dispenser, pens/pencils/markers, notepad. The rest can go in drawers. Files get put in file drawers (obviously) and reference books in above shelving or bookshelf. Bulk office supplies go in a closet or freestanding cabinet.
  • · Upkeep - when you are done with something, put it back in it’s proper place. This will maintain a clutter free environment for you to work in.

clean and clutter free - credit

DÉCOR: What style and objects that will make you want to be in this space.

Now that you have all the essentials, here’s where the fun begins – DÉCOR AND STYLE!!!! Remember this is an office in your home, this is NOT a cubby in some florescent lit office downtown, where the rules of the company is to not have family pictures on your desk. This is your HOME, make it warm, make if fun, make it YOU! So whether your style is Modern, Chabby Chic, Old World, Hollywood Glam, Country, it doesn’t matter, this is YOUR OWN PERSONAL AND PRIVATE SPACE!! Make it a place where you want to work and be in! Let’s face it, we spend more time working than we do at leisure.

love this space - credit

Even though this space is girly-girl, I love it - credit

If you need help creating your own home office space, contact me.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

If it's not Baroque, don't fix it...

But if you are Baroque, THAN MAKE IT YOURSELF!!! Ugh, I know, I know a bad, bad pun - sorry!!!!!

As you may already know, sunburst mirrors are making a come back in a BIG way! They come in many styles and range in price- which are usually expensive.
SO here's what I'm thinking.....

How can I make an easy version of my own SUNBURST MIRROR? So I thought ceiling medallion! I ran to Home Depot and grabbed a Baroque ceiling medallion ($26) and a tube of liquid nails ($3). Shuffled on over to Michael's Arts and Craft and purchased a 5" centerpiece mirror (.99C), metallic acrylic paint in silver (.89C). Total cost of mirror $31.89 + tax - WHAT A BARGAIN!!!!

spray paint!

two coats needed!

using a very expensive tool, my finger to add silver highlights to the raised edges of the pattern

Looking good if you ask me! Set aside to dry.

Glue mirror on back - I used liquid nails and taped it down while it dried


Okay, so it's technically not a sunburst mirror but the acanthus leaf pattern reminds me of a sunburst! Anyway, I'm happy with the results!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Want to know a great place to find art for your home?

Believe it or not but on the street and not some fancy shmancy art gallery! I pass by some beautiful works of art at Union Square, down in SoHo and many other street corners!

taken from my blackberry camera
soigne performanc and visual artist (unique character): view his myspace page: HERE
taken from my blackberry camera
unknown artist

um, look past the mushroom stand! Yes, there's a farmer's market there, too!
hernan hernandez picture picture

Share comments your comments and experiences: Have you ever purchased art off the street?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Champagne taste on a beer budget.

While I was riding the train this morning into Manhattan, I couldn't help but overhear two woman having a conversation while flipping through a Pottery Barn catalogue. The first woman said to the other, "I would love for my house to look like this but I just can't afford it. That is why I have done nothing to my apartment!" As the conversation went on, I learned she really has nothing in her apartment but a bed, a beat up old dresser, couch and tv. WHAT? There is no excuse not to decorate your home just because you cannot afford your favorite store or high end designer furniture!!!

If you already own a good quality couch, is given one or if you find an inexpensive one in a consignment shop. One solution is reupholstering! (I mention this in a previous blog, click here to view). Or add a slipcover for a quick inexpensive update or new look.

Second hand stores, Good Will, auctions and consignment shops are great places to find good quality furniture and home accessories that you can spruce up with a can of paint or adding new fabric to.

Another great way to cut corners is to purchase already made items and altering them to give them a more custom made look. For curtains you can add embellishments., such as, a thick border, in a contrasting but complimentary color, at the bottom or add a tassel or beaded fringe on the edge. For bookshelves, swap out the original back panel with bead board and paint it to match or in a contrasting color. How about adding mirror to the back of the bookshelf? Why not!

Below are pictures of pieces found in the Pottery Barn catalog and my suggestions for an inexpensive solution. Now, I just looked in two stores for this blog but remember, there are flea markets, second hand shops, auctions and a thousand other places to look for great bargains.

PB $1,200
IKEA $300

PB $700

PB $199
IKEA $50
PB $250
IKEA $50
PB $650
PIER1 $350
PB $70-$100
IKEA $50

Just because you have Champagne taste on a beer budget, that should not be your excuse to do nothing with your home. Once you have found your inspiration and know what you like, there are many ways to get that look on a budget. Don't have the knack? Contact me, here, to give your home the look you want.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Searsucker for the home!

It's SUMMERtime! Call me old FASHIONED but nothing reminds me more of summer than wearing SEARSUCKER shorts, pants or suits. Dress up your home in a summer wardrobe with searsucker accessories!!!

window treatments

table clothes

Contact DelBene Interiors if you want to add a summery look to your home!