Saturday, June 12, 2010

Guess who's making an appearance?


Apparently, GRAY IS THE NEW CHOLATE!!! Well, in paint color that is. I wouldn't recommend eating it!

Gray can be found EVERYWHERE in bedrooms, baths, living rooms, dining rooms and yes, even kitchens! Kitchens? Who'd have thunk?

What I like about gray is that it is a calming color. It can go from shabby to chic, from modern to country and can either be cool or warm. For those people afraid to add color to their walls, GRAY IS THE PERFECT COLOR TO START WITH. It's basically adding color without really adding color!

Check out these beautifully done rooms:

The kitchens above are from Building Green in Vermont

The above pictures courtesy of Benjamin Moore gallery on flicker!

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  1. Rebecca , ya know my partner in crime...that is her color, she is painting it on her walls throughout her home...and pairing it with Chocolate, apple green and even a bit of teal and deep orange and then loads of white...looking quite chic....I really love it, and would switch all my brown to gray if I did not live in a beige apartment with brown kitchen counters !!! Still not daring enough to do so...even though I so want to as I spotted a pair of dark charcoal gray brushed silk drapes at IKEA I want...but my furniture is brown too :o(

  2. Love the post!! My son painted his bathroom downstairs a beautiful charcoal gray with silver gray and white accessories and just did the den and dining room "Zinc" by Martha Stewart...walls and ceilings...just gorgeous!!!

  3. Hi there, great gray post. Although I'm not a big fan, you've shown how beautiful gray can be when applied correctly.