Saturday, September 25, 2010

If it's not Baroque, don't fix it...

But if you are Baroque, THAN MAKE IT YOURSELF!!! Ugh, I know, I know a bad, bad pun - sorry!!!!!

As you may already know, sunburst mirrors are making a come back in a BIG way! They come in many styles and range in price- which are usually expensive.
SO here's what I'm thinking.....

How can I make an easy version of my own SUNBURST MIRROR? So I thought ceiling medallion! I ran to Home Depot and grabbed a Baroque ceiling medallion ($26) and a tube of liquid nails ($3). Shuffled on over to Michael's Arts and Craft and purchased a 5" centerpiece mirror (.99C), metallic acrylic paint in silver (.89C). Total cost of mirror $31.89 + tax - WHAT A BARGAIN!!!!

spray paint!

two coats needed!

using a very expensive tool, my finger to add silver highlights to the raised edges of the pattern

Looking good if you ask me! Set aside to dry.

Glue mirror on back - I used liquid nails and taped it down while it dried


Okay, so it's technically not a sunburst mirror but the acanthus leaf pattern reminds me of a sunburst! Anyway, I'm happy with the results!


  1. That looks so awesome Dennis! Great job!

  2. I bought a sunburst frame. The convex mirror had broken. I had a circle cut from a mirror shop and I have a flat mirror in it. I do have a convex mirror. I bought it for $10.00 from a friend. It is 17 inches in diameter not counting the gold leaf frame. I told you a friend sold it to me.

  3. Denis,I LOVE this !!
    It's a creative and ingenious way to add sophisticated touches to your house without spendind too much money !
    Great job!!

  4. Charlotte and Ari, I just saw your comments, I apologize for this. Thank you so much! $10 for a convex mirror is an awesome price, Charlotte!