Saturday, May 26, 2012

SUMMER: Porches

Do you have a sunroom, like the one below or a front or back porch?
I just love this space.  It's inviting and relaxing.  Couldn't you just curl up with a good book here and spend the day reading away?

Summertime blues:

Painting the ceiling blue is a gesture of traditional Southern style.  There are many stories as to why homeowners, in the south, painted porch ceilings blue.  One being a Carolina low country legend.    The pale blue paint wards off spirits of the dead, called Haints, whiich cannot cross water.  therefore, "haint Blue" was applied to surfaces like porch ceilings, shutters, doors and window trims.  It is also believed that the pale blue keeps away pesky insects by tricking them to believe it's the sky and therefore thinking they cannot build their nests there.  Actually, the reason was that blue paint, during the time, contained lye, a known bug repellent.   One more possible thought was that blue brings good luck.  Whatever the reason, two things are for sure about a Haint blue porch ceiling; it reminds you of the summer sky and is cheerful to look at.

Summer breeze makes me feel fine:

Adding a ceiling fan will provide a gentle breeze to cool you on warm summer days or nights. (check out the adirondack chairs!  You can learn more about them HERE on my last post).

Curtain call:

Curtains not only add a touch of elegance, like in the first picture on this blog, but can provide you with shade and privacy when closed, like the picture directly above.

Get on the floor:

No matter where your space is, indoors or out, an area rug defines the space.  So many beautiful choices are available now for outdoor carpeting.

And then there was light:

Lighting is the most important element to good design.  Without it you won't be able to see your space or even function in it.  There are many table and floor lamps, which you can find in almost all the pictures above.  So when the sunlight dims and you need a bit of light to finish reading that book, turn on your outdoor lamp.

Have a seat:

There are so many options here the skies the limit.  Check out the pictures below for some idea.
The Rocker is a classic seating choice for a front porch. (Better Homes and Garden)

Porch swing.  This one looks real it nap time?

Wicker never goes out of style and is one of the most popular option.

I've provided you with some great options for seating.  What you need to decide is what fits your needs, desired look, what's comfortable for you and what meets your budget.   

I hope you enjoyed some of my thoughts on how to make your porch or sunroom a comfy place to spend time this summer.

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